Important Notice for New York Policyholders

A recent Executive Order issued by NYS Governor Cuomo, together with recent amendments to the insurance and banking regulations issued by the New York State Department of Financial Services extend grace periods and give you

How Does Cyber Insurance Work?

Basics of cyber liability insurance.   We live in a tech world yet so many businesses are under the misconception that their company is immune to cyber-attacks. In reality, any company can be hacked, regardless

3 Types of Cybercriminals and How to Protect Against Them

Common cybercriminals and techniques to prevent a data breach.   In today’s society, we are more exposed whenever online. As technology advances, so do the strategies of hackers and crackers. Cybercriminals are getting smarter –

The Most Commonly Overlooked Business Risks

Avoid overlooking these common commercial risks.   All it takes is one unexpected disaster to potentially knock a business down and force its doors to close. The first step in protecting your business is understanding

How to Protect Your Business From Fires

Is your business safe from fire destruction? We all know that within a matter of minutes, a fire can do an obscene amount of damage to property. Fire is one of the most common causes

What Are the Different Types of Business Risk

Commercial risks you should be aware of. If you’re a business owner, you may already know that you need insurance. But how much and what type can vary greatly depending on your type of business,

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