Your Thanksgiving Insurance Guide

The season to give thanks is here. This Thanksgiving, we may all be feeling a little more grateful that we are able to see friends and family. While this year has been unlike any other,

What is a Homeowners Insurance Declarations Page?

If you have homeowners insurance, then you may have heard of a declarations page, otherwise coined a ‘dec’ page. It is possible you have provided it as proof of home insurance at some point. Even

What Is Umbrella Insurance and What Does It Cover?

Accidents happen. That’s why you have liability insurance. This coverage can help you avoid financial ruin if you accidentally cause major injuries or property damage to others. However, in this litigious society, one claim can

The Latest Data Breach: What If It Happens to You?

More than ever, there is news of businesses and individuals suffering from data breaches. With the rise of technology comes more hackers looking to pounce on vulnerable victims, whether that means a start-up company or

Term Vs. Permanent Life Insurance

According to industry experts, most people don't have enough life insurance. This could mean a household could be in immediate or near immediate financial trouble if the primary wage earner died today. When considering life

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